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December 10-14


Monday: Read and answer questions on “The Lady of Shallot” Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz 7a, NO new sentences this week Wednesday: Review for test: WWI, poetry, Arthurian legend Thursday: Review for test: Sentence structure Friday: Test: WWI, poetry, Arthurian legend, Sentence Structure    

December 3 – 7


Monday: Finish reading “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, Answer questions for House Points Tuesday: Vocab Quiz, Meaningful, Complex Sentences Wednesday: Read “Le Morte d’Arthur” Thursday: Finish reading “Le Morte d’Arthur”, Answer questions for House Points Friday: Article of the Week  

November 26 – 30


Monday: Introduction to Arthurian Legend, Class sorts into Houses, Feats of Knowledge Tuesday: Complex Sentences, Vocabulary List 6b Wednesday: Read “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” Thursday: Read “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” Friday: Article of the Week

November 12 – November 16


Monday: 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day; Video “Trench Warfare”; “In Flanders Field” Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz – Final work day for paper and project Wednesday: Poems of 1918 and Post-War Poems Thursday: After WOHS Paper and Presentations Due. Friday: After WOHS Presentations  

November 5 – November 9


Monday: Guy Fawkes Day; After WOHS Research Project Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Meaningful Sentences Wednesday: WWI Poetry Unit, Background Information on WWI Thursday: Analyzing Poems from 1914 & 1915 using SOAPSTONE Friday: After WOHS Research Project Work Day  

October 29 – November 2


Monday: College Research Paper Project Tuesday: Vocab Quiz and Meaningful Sentences Wednesday: Read “Demon Lover” Thursday: College Research Paper Friday: Arthurian Legends  

October 22 – 26


Monday: Review The Canterbury Tales with Ultimate Grudge Ball Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Meaningful Sentences Wednesday: Canterbury Tales Test, Bring a paper copy of your favorite Article of the Week Essay. Thursday: Article of the Week – Revision stations Friday: Revision Stations – Revise, edit, and rewrite Articles of the Week

October 15-19


Monday: Read “Wife of Bath’s Tale” Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz and meaningful sentences Wednesday: Conclude “Wife of Bath’s Tale” Thursday: Pilgrimage Paper Due, Article of the Week Peer Review Stations Friday: No school

October 8-12


Monday: Rick Steves Pilgrimage Podcast, Personal Pilgrimage Essay Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz, Meaningful Sentences Wednesday: Read “The Pardoner’s Tale”, Complete “Pardoner’s Tale” Social Media Story Thursday: Read “The Wife of Bath’s Tale”, Close Reading Activity Friday: Work on Personal Pilgrimage Essay    

October 1-5


Happy Homecoming Week Roughnecks! Monday – Partner Read The Prologue to The Canterbury Tales. Complete the character graphic organizer as you read. Tuesday – Complete Social Media Profiles for Assigned characters from the Prologue. Wednesday – Speed Dating the characters from The Canterbury Tales Thursday – Read “The Pardoner’s Tale”. Complete Social Media Story Activity Friday – Listen to Rick […]

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